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Replacing charcoal with waste biomass pellets for cooking, in Zambia

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A blog post about our work with stoves and pellets in Zambia: (note: also see  Three billion people in the developing world use open fires or wood charcoal for cooking. Cooking over open fire produces black soot and toxic gases, leading to the premature death of 1,8 million persons yearly, mainly women and children. It is also estimated that particulates from open fires is responsible for 18% of the greenhouse effect. Many low-income families spend a substantial part of their household income on wood or charcoal for cooking. Others spend a lot of time ...

Mattias Ohlson | onsdag, 11 april 2012 | Hits: 1327

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About Vagga till Vagga AB


Vagga till Vagga is a consultancy agency committed to creating a better future through healthy material flows and eco-effective solutions. We are Swedish satellite-partners to Cradle to Cradle founder Michael Braungart's EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) and are Swedens foremost proponents of Cradle to Cradle-design. We are also working on several projects centered around biochar and it’s role in supporting eco-system services, human health and energy production and the environment . Vagga till Vagga offers consultancy, lectures,  seminars and international collaborations. Read more... 
Some of our projects:
chalmers-170 Clean Cooking stoves Zambia


Chalmers University of Technology Zambia Matilda Wendelboe
We are working with students at different levels and at different institutions speaking about healthy, cyclic material flows and Cradle to Cradle design. Read more.
Vagga till Vagga is working in Zambia with making pellets from  excess sawdust from forest plantations. These pellets will be used for cooking fuel, thus saving forests and improving health by reducing indoor air pollution from cooking. The pilot is supported by SIDA. More information.
We've helped a group of eco-designers, Matilda Wendelboe being one of them, making one of the world's first collections made with Cradle to Cradle-certified textiles. Read more.

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C2C-utbildning i Ronneby

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Den 8-11 maj anordnar Ronneby Kommun/Cefur tillsammans med EPEA sveriges första kvalificerade Cradle to Cradle® utbildning med inriktning på polymera material. Pris för 8 maj: 2.400 kr per person Pris för för 8-11 maj: 12.400 kr per person. Anmäl dig på där hittar du även mer in...

Mattias Ohlson | tisdag, 20 mars 2012 | Hits: 982

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